Designing for Apple Watch

Zopim recently launched its Premium plan and one of the features I worked on was the real-time monitor. It allows chat administrators to have a quick overview on what’s happening with their team, in order to manage customer satisfaction, agent performance, and nip problems in the bud.

Fascinated with the Apple watch, I also took this opportunity to explore how the real-time monitor could potentially work on the Apple watch. This expands the possibility allowing administrators to view metrics and alert them when things goes wrong on the go.


How I got into design

Whenever I meet new friends and tell them what I do for a living, I get this question very often, “so how did you got into design?” It’s hard to explain because there are so many factors:  the people and things you interact with. So here’s one part of the story that tickled the fire.



When I was 13, the Apple G4 desktop computer was my first experience with an Apple product. I was one of the few lucky ones to be able to access my school’s “Apple lab”. Ever since then, I’ve never look at a PC again.

In 2006, I took the opportunity to shoot a series of portraits to express my love for Apple products, titled, ‘iConsume’.

“iConsume depicts the genius of apple products which have fulfilled my material desires in a way which I consume my daily necessities.”


iOS 7 icon template

Having watched this video by Apple, I personally felt that the photo app icon is one of the best looking icon amongst all of the new iOS 7 default app icons, albeit the icon was irrelevant to the app itself. Inspired, I had the sudden urge to replicate the photo app icon. I took this opportunity to try using the golden ratio grid system that Apple introduced in its iOS 7 icons. Prior to this, I had never designed any icons using the golden ratio.

If it interests you, you can download the Sketch template file I’ve created and let me know what you think. Tweet me @madebyjw.

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Joining Zopim

Critical decisions are usually hard to make, but the decision I made today is an exception. Despite having chosen to continue my second year of study at NTU, Art, Design & Media, I have left to join Zopim as a full-time Product Designer.

Back in 2010, I interned at Zopim soon after graduating from Nanyang Poytechnic. Zopim only had 7 employees (including the 4 co-founders) working in a cramped office that resembled a cargo container. Located at NUS Prince George Park incubator centre, the office was not the best working environment, but it was certainly a host to many enjoyable moments. It was unfortunate that I was only able to join them for 2 months due to National Service.

Zopim, today, is better established and has her own office. It’s a totally different atmosphere compared to 3 years ago, and it’s definitely grown to become a much more lively and fun place to work in. Over the years, Zopim has got hold of many talented developers, designers and customer support representatives (CSRs) to improve her live chat service. Having so many great minds working in the same environment means that designers are not the only ones building the user experience design – it involves the entire team.

I’m lucky to have this opportunity to work with these great developers and designers. I’m proud to be part of the team that worked on the mobile optimised widget and I can’t wait to continue build more amazing products.

Marble UI Kit

Recently, I’ve made a switch to Sketch after using Photoshop for almost 9 years. To test the app out, I designed a UI Kit for practice. I’m impressed how quickly I can add styles to shapes and text. The ability to create art-boards and pages makes it easy for me to keep track of multiple art works in a single sketch file. Feel free to download and let me know what you think. Tweet me, @madebyjw.

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